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An exercise to create more engagement in the group

  1. Reflection: Start by letting the participants reflect on a topic or question that is relevant to the group. For example, the question could be: "What challenges have we encountered recently, and what have we learned from them?

  2. Applaud: After the reflection, allow each person to share a positive event or achievement that they have either experienced themselves or observed in someone else in the group. It can range from overcoming a challenge to succeeding in a project or showing support for a colleague.

  3. Engagement: Use Wiley's "FIRA" principle (Frequent, Immediate, Relevant, Authentic) to promote engagement. Frequent: Ensure that the exercise becomes a recurring part of your meetings. This helps build a culture of engagement.

  • Immediate: Provide immediate feedback and encouragement to reinforce engagement. It could be expressing appreciation or giving praise for participants' contributions.

  • Relevant: Link the exercise to the overall goal or purpose of the meeting or the group. Ensure that what is shared is relevant and supports the purpose of the group gathering.

  • Authentic: Encourage honesty and authenticity when participants share their stories or reflections. This creates an environment where people feel comfortable being genuine and honest. Through these Wiley-inspired principles, this exercise can contribute to creating a positive and engaging atmosphere in the group! Best of luck!


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