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HT 2023



Certification Opportunities

The courses will be conducted in Jönköping on the following dates in 2023: Everything DiSC Certifiering 31 augusti – 1 sept Everything DiSC Certifiering 28-29 september The Five Behaviors 26-27 oktober Everything DiSC Certifiering 23-24 November

Certification Opportunities
Certification Opportunities

Time & Location

HT 2023

Jönköping, Jönköping, Sweden

About the event

Certification You now have the opportunity to become certified in WILEY's third-generation DiSC tool: Everything DiSC®, as well as learn how to work with The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. We provide behavior profiles that offer a nuanced understanding of an individual and group's behavioral patterns, which you can utilize in individual, team, and organizational contexts.



During our certification, we work from the perspective of your coaching and consulting role, ensuring you gain practical tools for your future assignments. The certification is divided into theoretical and practical modules over two days and is primarily aimed at those with experience working professionally in the development of others, such as group, communication, and leadership development. Join companies like Ericsson, Landstinget, Skandia, Lorensbergs Organisationskonsulter, Systembolaget, and Move Management, among others, by investing in competence development through WILEY's Everything DiSC® and enhance efficiency and well-being in your workplace and other organizations!


Included in the price:

  1. Two training days
  2. Practical facilitator materials & schedules
  3. Comprehensive training materials
  4. Administrative account for efficient administration and management of your own clients and profiles
  5. Membership in Interactive Profiles and Wiley's global user network with networking days and workshops
  6. Lunch and coffee/snacks during training sessions

Throughout the days, you will:


  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Everything DiSC® model and related products and how they can be effectively applied in various contexts
  2. Gain a comprehensive understanding of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team model and related products and how they can be effectively applied in various contexts
  3. Work through the included facilitation material
  4. Have the opportunity to explore and create development and insights into your own and others' behavioral patterns
  5. Practice creating an educational/developmental structure and providing feedback on individual and group behavior profiles
  6. Learn the history and background of the DiSC theory and behavior profile
  7. Examine the underlying research behind the tools and the validation conducted based on this work
  8. Gain insight into how the third-generation tools function based on normativity and adaptability and how the tool is constantly evolving
  9. Access WILEY's global user network and their continuous research and development efforts

10.Access Everything DiSC® in many different languages


After the days, you will be able to:


  1. Based on the material, create and implement customized educational and developmental programs
  2. Professionally create powerful behavioral strategies in everyday life for individuals, groups, and organizations
  3. Become even more skilled at meeting and developing people

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