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We assist you in developing your leaders and employees!

We provide digital behavioural and communication tools that offer sustainable development for individuals, groups, and organisations.

With us, you'll find:
- Digital tools
- Certifications & workshops

Are you ready to create better dynamics?

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What is Everything DiSC®?

We'll tell you more about how to use our tools!

Everything DiSC® is a behavioural and communication assessment. It is a tool that helps individuals and teams understand their own and others' communication styles and behavioural patterns. The purpose is to enhance self-awareness, improve collaboration, and strengthen work relationships by identifying and adapting to different behavioural styles.

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Why Everything DiSC®?

Jörgen Sandahl,

"We use Everything DiSC because it has been a highly valued tool for enhancing communication and work relationships in the organizations we assist in developing."

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Birgitta Levy,
Psychologist & Leadership Consultant

"I use Everything DiSC as a tool to enhance my clients' abilities to develop both their teams and their own leadership. We start with the DiSC Work Profile to understand each team member's communication"...

Svante Westerberg, 

"Everything DiSC is invaluable for team development and leadership. By identifying DiSC styles within the team, I can tailor my leadership and communication approach"...

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Who needs the tools?

The Five Behaviors 

The work of Leaders

Workplace Profile

Development for the entire executive team with measurable progress
Track the development of the executive team over time and ensure that you are producing results
Based on Patrick Lencioni's "The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team."
For those who are managers and leaders of multiple employees or managers
For those who are part of an executive group
For those who want to delve into their leadership and explore further development.
For those of you who are managers and leaders of multiple employees or managers
For those of you who want to use the results to identify strengths and weaknesses in your workforce.
For those of you who want to measure traits specific to various job roles
Books and Profiles
& Workshops
  • Certification Opportunities
    Certification Opportunities
    HT 2023
    HT 2023
    Jönköping, Jönköping, Sweden
    HT 2023
    Jönköping, Jönköping, Sweden
    The courses will be conducted in Jönköping on the following dates in 2023: Everything DiSC Certifiering 31 augusti – 1 sept Everything DiSC Certifiering 28-29 september The Five Behaviors 26-27 oktober Everything DiSC Certifiering 23-24 November
Registration for digital certification year-round
Everything DiSC Certification (2 days) 25,000 SEK (excluding VAT)
The Five Behaviors (1.5 days)
For those with E-DiSC, 9,000 SEK (excluding VAT) For those who do not have E-DiSC previo
usly, 18,000 SEK (excluding VAT)
The price includes:
  • Practical facilitator materials & schedules
  • A personal Workplace profile
  • Two profiles for implementation with respondents
  • Rich educational materials
  • Administrative account for efficient management of own customers and profiles
  • Membership in Interactive Profiles and Wiley's global user network with networking days and workshops
  • Lunch and coffee/snacks during training sessions
Vision & Sustainability

Interactive Profiles works with behavioral and communication profiles to promote sustainability, personal development, and well-being in the workplace. Learn more about our vision and perspective on sustainability here!

Sustainability through personal development

Interactive Profiles believes that personal development is a key factor in achieving sustainability and success in the workplace. Learn more...

Well-being in the Workplace

We are convinced that well-being in the workplace is crucial for creating sustainable organizations. We work towards... Read more...

Sustainable Solutions for the Future

We aim to continuously enhance our products and services to provide solutions that are both innovative...

Questions & Answers

1 / How does the third-generation DiSC tool work, and what sets it apart from previous versions?

Third-generation DiSC tools, such as Everything DiSC, operate by utilizing a validated research methodology to generate personality profile analyses that provide deeper and more specific information compared to older versions of DiSC tools.

Everything DiSC employs a powerful algorithm that takes into account more than 30 factors to create a personality profile. This personality profile offers detailed insights into an individual's behavioral style and communication preferences.

One of the most significant differences between third-generation DiSC tools and older versions lies in the precision and nuanced information they generate. Older versions of DiSC tools used a simpler method to generate personality profile analyses, resulting in a less nuanced and less detailed profile.

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